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Livestock Shade & Shelter


Maximise your yields with natural light environments with the range of Architex Waterproof Livestock Structures. Our design process enables you to provide your livestock with a custom designed traditional shaped structure which allows maximum ventilation & constant airflow to provide a productive environment for your livestock. Waterproof Fabric Structures will also protect your livestock from weather elements whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature in all seasons.

Static Shade System

Architex Fabric Structures have a series of standardized units of static shade systems that can be utilized in most livestock production applications. Often supplied as a modular system that has shade sails and post cap tensioning system that can be adapted to your onsite post arrangements. Architex can supply replacement shades for existing systems found in feedlots, livestock exchanges & livestock handling areas where shade is required.

Cable Shade System

The design team at Architex Fabric Structures have developed a cable shade & shelter system for livestock heat stress reduction which allows the option of winter time (deployment ) retraction and also this modular system is available in many variations enabling the flexibility to cater to specific shade per head requirements.

Architex Fabric Structures has a long background in many and varied areas of the industrial fabric industry & wide experience in tensioned fabric structures.


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