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Livestock Shade & Shelter

Architex Fabric Structures have a series of shade systems & livestock housing options that can be utilized in most livestock production applications. Architex can supply replacement shades for existing systems, complete static & retractable shade sail systems & Waterproof Livestock Housing Solutions. Maximise your yields with natural light environments with the range of Architex Livestock Housing.

Commodity Storage

Fabric Structures from Architex are an ideal way to keep your stored product, machinery & equipment dry. Designed to suit your individual requirements these structures are relocatable and able to stand alone or be added to an existing structure. Architex Fabric Structures have optional features including doors, side walls & ventilation. & benefits include natural light, air flow control, weather protection, dust & temperature control.


The Architex Fabric Structures for equestrian are ideal as the use of fabric means you have translucent natural light which not only eliminates the need for additional lighting during the day but also virtually eliminates shadows which creates a distraction free environment for horses. Fabric Structures maintain a more comfortable temperature, warmer in winter & cooler in summer providing a excellent ambiance for both trainers & horses all year round.

Architex Fabric Structures has a long background in many and varied areas of the industrial fabric industry & wide experience in tensioned fabric structures.


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