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The range of Civil & Mining Structures are custom made to your specific operational requirements.  Designed to suit your existing hardstand, each structure can be designed to support cranes, lighting & machinery. The structures can be relocated or extended & have optional features including doors, side walls & ventilation. Benefits include natural light, air flow control, weather protection, dust, odours, fumes, noise control & temperature control.

Warehousing & Logistics

The range of Fabric Warehouse & Logistics Structures from Architex are fully customised to suit your existing hardstand & are a cost effective way to expand your existing warehouse or as a new standalone structure. Architex Fabric Structure also provide Fabric Loading Areas to expand your loading & unloading area & Warehouse divider walls to maximise space & enhance your warehouse.


Architex Fabric Structures for the Waste, Recycling & Remediation industries are designed for maximum energy efficiency & odour control. The use of fabric means you have translucent natural light which virtually eliminates the need for additional lighting during the day. Fully customisable to suit your existing hardstand & can also include vents, sidewalls, endwalls & oversized doors. This range of fabric structures are built to last but are available with temporary footings for relocation options if required.

Architex Fabric Structures has a long background in many and varied areas of the industrial fabric industry & wide experience in tensioned fabric structures.


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